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Family Application Form

If you would like to find out more about hiring a nanny through our agency please complete the form below in as much detail as possible. We will call you within 12 hours to answer your questions. Please note: Only use this form if you are looking for a permanent nanny. To book a temporary nanny please click here.

Our fee schedule is available here.

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Terms and Conditions

The client appoints WNA (Williamsburg Nanny Agency) to serve as its agent solely for the purpose of identifying, recruiting, screening, and providing qualified Childcare Provider candidates for the Client to hire on a temporary or permanent basis. 

Client also appoints WNA as its agent for the purpose of obtaining background screening information on any Childcare Provider candidate on the Client’s behalf. 

WNA hereby agrees to serve as the Client’s agent solely for these purposes.

The parties acknowledge and agree that all decisions regarding the hiring of any Childcare Provider shall be the sole responsibility of the Client and any Childcare Provider hired by the Client shall be an employee of the Client. 

WNA shall have no responsibility or liability for the employment of any Childcare Provider. 

The client understands and agrees that it is responsible for paying any Childcare Provider and that it may be responsible for withholdings and employment taxes. 

WNA is not responsible for paying any Childcare Provider for any services provided to the Client. 

Client hereby agrees that should Client contact any Childcare Provider candidate directly or indirectly, except through WNA and the Client enters an agreement with the Childcare Provider to provide services to Client, Client shall pay WNA the appropriate Referral Fee.

Thank you! We will be in touch within 12 hours

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