Permanent Placement Fees 

The permanent placement fee includes an in-person consultation with the family, job description preparation, job advertising, interviewing, hiring paperwork, background checks, orientation paperwork, and ongoing consultation.

All permanent fees include a non-refundable deposit due before the consultation. The balance is due on the nanny's first day, once the nanny has started work and all relevant paperwork is completed.

Deposit                                           $250


Live-Out Nanny                             $1700.00

Live-In Nanny                                $2000.00

Nanny Share                                   $950.00   per family

Temporary Placement Fees 

A temporary nanny can work for a period of up to four months. Anything after that is considered permanent. A booking fee is paid directly to the agency at the time of booking and the nanny is paid directly following service in cash.


Agency Booking Fee - paid directly to the agency

Residential Visit                                     $25 

Hotel Visit                                              $35 
Overnight visit                                       $40

Overnight newborn care                        $45

Major Holidays                                      $60


Nanny Pay Rates

Currently, rates in Virginia range from $18 to $25 per hour depending on the number of children requiring care, the area you live in, responsibilities, and the experience level of the nanny. 


6-month Guarantee
If the nanny leaves for any reason during the first six months of employment a replacement will be found free of charge.

Back-up Childcare
An experienced team of temporary nannies is available to fill in as needed for clients who hire permanent nannies.