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Permanent Placement Fees 

The permanent placement fee includes an in-person consultation with the family, job description preparation, job advertising, interviewing, hiring paperwork, background checks, orientation paperwork, and ongoing consultation.

All permanent fees include a non-refundable deposit due before the consultation. The balance is due on the nanny's first day, once the nanny has started work and all relevant paperwork is completed.

Deposit to begin the search          $250

Plus balance

(due on the nanny's first day of work)

Live-out Nanny                              $2500.00

Live-in Nanny                                $3250.00

4-month Guarantee
If the nanny leaves for any reason during the first three months of employment a replacement will be found free of charge.

                                                      Temporary Placement Fees 

A temporary nanny can work for a period of up to four months. Anything beyond four months is considered permanent. A booking fee is paid directly to the agency at the time of booking and the nanny is paid directly following service in cash or Venmo depending on what is agreed between the client and the nanny.


Agency Booking Fee - paid directly to the agency

Residential Visit                                     $25 

Hotel Visit                                              $45

Overnight newborn care                        $45

Major Holidays                                     $50

(Discounts for multiple visits available i.e. More than 5)


Nanny Pay Rates

Currently, hourly rates in Virginia range from $20 to $30 for residential care and $22-30 for hotel/resort visits depending on the number of children requiring care, the area you live in, responsibilities, and the experience level of the nanny. 




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