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Welcome Nannies


At the Williamsburg Nanny Agency, we aim to treat our nannies with the same care and attention provided to our paying clients. Our goal is to build a respectful working relationship with you and ensure that you are happy in your position. We provide support throughout the hiring process and this continues once you start your job.

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Our Requirements

Our goal is to find the best nannies in the Hampton Roads area and match them with great families. Therefore, it makes sense that our list of requirements may seem long. Families are willing to pay great hourly rates for experienced, dependable nannies who love what they do.

If you are not sure you are a good fit please call us. We are happy to discuss your suitability for a nanny position and every family has different needs.



  • A minimum of 2-3 years + in professional childcare

  • Strong desire to work with children 

  • Understanding all stages of a child's development

  • Over the age of 19

  • US legal resident

  • Excellent references

  • Must pass a detailed background check

  • Good driving records

  • Must be a good communicator

  • Organized and able to make sensible decisions quickly

  • Able to work independently

  • CPR and First Aid trained

  • Able to swim

  • Physically able to do the job which includes carrying a baby/toddler up and downstairs comfortably, getting up and down off the floor easily, running after a toddler


Desirable Qualities and skills

  • Previous experience working as a professional nanny

  • Training in early childhood development/education

  • Able to teach pre-school basics 

  • Newborn care training

  • Nanny training

  • Defensive driving course

  • Owning a passport and willing to travel

  • Strong swimmer and able to teach the basics

  • Good cook - able to plan and prepare nutritious meals

  • for infants to teens

of working  with a nanny agency

Pre-screened families

families who 'get' the role of a nanny

Well paid jobs 

Paid time off

Prepared work agreement 

Job orientation process 

Job search support

Nanny network

Opportunity for extra work

Ongoing support 

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