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   Hotel and Resort Sitters

Happy Children
Quality childcare away from home
The Williamsburg Nanny Agency provides trustworthy and fun-loving nannies to over 50 hotels and resorts throughout Virginia. Our nannies are carefully screened to ensure your child's safety and enjoyment!

You will have a chance to speak to your nanny on the phone before you arrive and they will come equipped with age-appropriate toys and activities. They are all CPR and first aid certified strong swimmers, and safe drivers. 
Our goal is to make sure the children have fun and make good memories too.

   How it Works

  • Nannies are available for a minimum of three hours for as many hours or visits as needed.

  • Clients pay a booking fee of $40 per visit to the agency.

  • The nanny is paid directly by you following service at a rate ranging from $22 to $25 per hour depending on the number of children.

  • Parents will have an opportunity to talk to the nanny over the phone before service.

  • Nannies will bring a bag of age-appropriate toys and activities.

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