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Nanny Screening

With today's technology, it's all too easy for a job applicant to use someone else's identity, provide false references or lie about their previous experience. According to some studies, as many as 35% of people who have applied for a job have lied on their resume. When it comes to finding a nanny to look after your children for a significant part of their day, you want to be sure you find someone who is completely honest and trustworthy. 


At the Williamsburg Nanny Agency, we do all the detective work for you. During the candidate's interview, we will go through every aspect of their work history and make sure they possess the work experience they claim on their application form. Over the past sixteen years, the agency has added steps in order to keep up with industry standards and constantly improve our selection process to ensure we are finding the best nanny candidates available.


Williamsburg Nanny Agency 14-Step Candidate Check


Here is a list of the steps the Williamsburg Nanny Agency takes before placing a nanny with a family:

1. Applicants complete a detailed application form and must meet certain criteria before proceeding to the next step 

2. Initial candidates are interviewed over the phone

3. Certain candidates are selected for in-person interviews with the owner of the agency

4. References are called and verified

5. Candidate identity is verified by running a national alias search which creates a list of the states and counties an individual has lived in over the past seven years

6. National criminal check

7. Local county checks to verify the most up-to-date records

8. National Sex Offenders Registry

9. Driving records

10. Previous employment and educational achievements 

12. Google search for any additional information on a candidate

13. CPR and First Aid trained

14. Auto Insurance/Inspection Sticker Check


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