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Unique Placement Process

We don't miss a step...

At the Williamsburg Nanny Agency, our goal is to ensure we take all the stress away from the challenging process of finding the right nanny for your family. Below is a summary of the process, step by step.

Step 1 - In-home Consultation

The process of finding a nanny begins with a consultation in your home. Our aim is to meet you in your natural environment to gain a clear understanding of your family culture and specific childcare needs. During this meeting, we will discuss every aspect of the role of a nanny in your home and all details related to the job such as the nanny's responsibilities, working hours, compensation etc. We will take time to answer all your questions and give advice on how to manage the relationship with your nanny to ensure consistent care for your child. Typically this meeting will last 60-90 minutes.


Step 2 - Job Description

A detailed job description is prepared based on our findings in the initial consultation and sent to you for approval before being distributed to nanny candidates that match your requirements and currently looking for a nanny position.


Step 3 - Applicant Search

This step takes the longest and requires very little involvement on the side of the client. After advertising your nanny position in various locations the agency will sort through applications and begin phone interviews. We have many nannies already certified and listed with the agency and will normally start with them first. Every candidate is carefully interviewed in person before they meet with you and take a childcare aptitude test. Once we have narrowed down a list of 2-4 nannies we will present them to you along with reference results.


Step 4 - Interviews

We recommend you interview your nanny in person several times before making an offer an including a paid working interview to find out how the nanny fits into the family dynamic.


Step 5 - Hiring Process

We will guide you through the hiring and negotiation process ensuring both parties are happy and all final background checks and screens are completed.


Step 6 - Work Agreement

We prepare a detailed work agreement for you and have both parties sign their agreement.


Step 7 - Nanny’s First Days 

We provide you with an orientation process that you can follow to help your nanny settle into her role as quickly as possible


Step 8 - Backup

We provide temporary childcare 24/7 in case your nanny is unable to work.


Ongoing - Consultation and Training

Once your nanny is established we provide on-going consultation and regular nanny training classes and socials to make sure your nanny has all the right tools to be the best nanny for your child.



If you and your nanny part ways for any reason in the first six months we will replace them free of charge.






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