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Temporary Nanny Service

Reasons to hire a temporary nanny?

  • Overnight newborn care

  • As a stand-in for the regular nanny

  • Hotel childcare for visitors

  • For weddings and events

  • Date night 

  • Occasional extra set of hands

  • Parent Helper

  • Care for children after a parent’s surgery or illness

  • Travel nanny














How does the service work?

Once you complete a nanny booking form we'll call you to confirm the details. Once a nanny has been selected for you,the nanny will call you to introduce herself and confirm the job details. If for any reason you are unhappy with our choice, just let us know and we will find a different nanny.



Clients pay a booking fee in advance to the agency. The nanny is paid separately by the client when they finish work, normally in cash. Tips are optional.


                                                        Booking Fee per visit                Nanny's hourly rate

Temporary Nanny (residential)                    $25                                 $15-$20 per hour(depending on # of children

Hotel/Resort Nanny                                     $40                                 $22-$25 per hour

Overnight newborn care                              $35                                 $22 -$25 per hour (depending on # of infants

Holidays (e.g. New Year's Eve)                   $50                                 $25+ per hour



Babysitter Selfie

Our Nannies

Experienced caring for children from newborn to teens

Committed to a career working with children

Trained in CPR and First Aid

Trained quickly adapt to new situations to ensure the child feels comfortable 

Thoroughly background checked

Clean driving records

Reference checked

Strong swimmers

Equipped with toys and activities


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