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Longterm Nannies

Why Hire a Nanny?

Hiring a nanny on a longterm basis i.e more than 4 months,  provides many obvious benefits to a family, in particular giving a child personal, one on one care in their home and less exposure to illness at daycare. At the Williamsburg Nanny Agency, we consider the role of the nanny to be critical to family support, particularly when both parents work outside of the home.


Rather than just a babysitter the nanny works in a team with the parents to help with the development of the child and will incorporate structure throughout the day in the form of inside and outside play, including a focus on preschool activities in preparation for preschool/Kindergarten, good nutritious meals, sufficient nap time and light housekeeping duties related to the children so that when parents return home from work they can enjoy quality time with their children.



A nanny with the same values as you

Our goal is to find nannies who fit into the family dynamic, hold the same values as the parents, and have a similar approach to parenting.  We do this by getting to know our clients and nannies equally well by having face-to-face interviews, regular phone calls, and emails. by the time a nanny starts work we are confident we have found a good match.

When it doesn't work out

Our three-month replacement policy has you covered in the rare event that your nanny needs to leave for any reason.


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