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Ahh... sleep!

Why have a night nanny?

Newborns are well known for getting their days and nights mixed up leaving parents exhausted and one of the main contributing factors of post-partum depression is a significant lack of sleep. Our overnight nanny service provides parents with the rest they need in the first few weeks when their newborn baby comes home. How frequently a night nanny visits is entirely up to the family. Anything from one night to seven nights a week from one week up to one year can be accommodated.


Our team of experienced night nannies is familiar with single infants, twins, multiples, premature babies and newborns with special needs. They will help you to establish sleep patterns and give advice on daytime feeding routines to optimize the baby's sleep at night. 


 How does the service work?

A night nanny typically arrives at your home between 9-10 pm and stays until morning on average for about eight hours. During that time, they will attend to all the baby's needs including feeding, diaper changing, resettling and gently helping the baby to sleep.

Our nannies follow the guidelines provided by the American Pediatrics Association focusing on the following rules:

1) Baby sleeps on his/her back

2) Baby sleeps in the crib

3) Baby sleep time = no playtime.

In other words, our night nannies are trained to help the infant understand that nighttime is for sleep only and support the parent’s efforts to get their baby sleeping through the night.


How much does the service cost?

A booking fee is paid to the agency and the nanny is paid directly in cash, following service.


Booking Fee                          $30 per visit  ($25 after 2 visits)

Nanny's Hourly Rate            $22-$25 per hour (depending on the number of infants)

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