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About The Owner

The Williamsburg Nanny Agency was founded in 2008 by Niki Worrell, who lives with her husband and three children in Williamsburg, Virginia. When she and her family first moved to Virginia from Boston, MA in 2004 she realized immediately that there was a need for a dependable nanny service to help local families.

She comes from a business background working for an international media company and decided to make the switch to full-time mom to raise her triplets. She gained experience by finding nannies for her own children and through trial and a few initial errors developed a process that worked.

Since then she has placed hundreds of nannies throughout Hampton Roads and Richmond and is considered a local childcare expert.

Triplets 2nd birthday party by beth 061.jpg

"What I really love about the Williamsburg is the fact that they can provide a nanny with very little notice. On one particularly occasion I called them at 7am and they had a nanny to my house by 9am! This allowed me to go to work that day."

Jane Munder

We are so grateful to Niki for helping us to find our dream nanny who has been with us now for three years. She has also provided fill-in childcare when our nanny was sick. I would recommend her to any parent looking for a nanny.

Brendon Jones

The Williamsburg Nanny Agency came to the rescue when we had our newborn twins. Their experienced and professional night nannies ensured we were able to get some much needed sleep in the first few weeks when they came home.

Jan Lochlear

The Williamsburg Nanny Agency assisted us with getting a nanny to watch our toddler while we attended the wedding and reception.  We found everyone we worked with to be extremely professional, reliable, and responsible. They remained in contact with us throughout the event which assured us that our son was safe and having a good time. 

Stacey Todd

The Williamsburg Nanny Agency provided nannies to care for our twins overnight. At first we were nervous to hand over the care of our babies but the nanny was highly professional and listoned carefully. She has been so reliable. 

Amber Smith
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