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A note regarding Covid-19

Safety First

During the Covid-19 pandemic, dependable childcare is more important than ever as parents try to make the best decision for their families. The family and nanny's safety and protection are essential.

If the nanny or any family members are exhibiting symptoms as listed by the CDC it is vital that contact is avoided. This means that if the nanny has symptoms she/he should stay home and if any family member has symptoms the nanny should not come into work. 

Advice for families and nannies

  • Ensure the nanny has been social distancing correctly for two weeks before starting work.

  • If any of your family are considered high risk for Covid-19 you can ask the nanny to quarantine (paid) before the start date.

  • Ask the nanny to bring a change of shoes and clothing to change into when she arrives in your home, wash hands thoroughly and wear a mask.

  • Clean all surfaces following CDC guidelines on a daily basis and before nanny's arrival.

  • Follow all CDC recommended guidelines for protecting yourself and others. 

  • Maintain a safe distance of 6ft inside the house.

  • Teach the children to avoid unnecessary contact with the nanny. This will depend largely on the age of the children; younger children under 2 require more physical contact such as picking up and hand-holding but avoid close face to face situations as much as possible and ensure thorough hand-washing takes place after such contact.

  • When the nanny is out with the children, avoid 'high-touch' surfaces like handrails, doors etc. and ensure the nanny is provided with disinfectant wipes to clean surfaces when out and about with the children

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